The false illiterate(2000字)

2015-6-24 22:20:13 [小学六年级英语作文]

  One winter morning, in a small bus station was packed with men, women and children. Depend on the railing of the sign clearly marked "" mother and son get on the bus. Stand here and not holding the child's mother, ran is a few men.

  The real mother be pushed aside. Emaciated mother scarf, dressing gown, holding a newborn baby, frozen huddled, helplessly looking at those "fault line" male compatriots, out of resentment and helpless look on his eyes. I think that those guys really don't see the words on the sign? Don't really know "mother and son get on the car place" the five eye-catching dazzling word?

  You see, the first man, taller, he wore a big fur jacket, wearing a pair of shiny leather shoes, seems very rich. His eyes stared at the ground, and seemed to understand that this is "mother and son get on the car place" dare not up the looks.

  The second is a tall man, he was wearing a fur collar fur clothing, wearing a hat, looked forward, his eyes tight shut, what seemed to be thinking, as if in repose.

  The third is an old man with silver hair, was short and wore a down jacket, a pair of glasses hung baggily about him on the nose, is about to slide down.

  Fourth is tall man, dressed in a turtleneck big leather coat, wearing a big mask, as if to face all cover.

  To see how splendid they wear, but on the surface of the gorgeous how to hide the ugly heart?

  See the half closed eyes, to see the fast drop glasses as illiterate?

  They mainly want to get a seat on early, shrugged off brand that stood, was carrying a conscience to make such as wicked things, etc. And the next to mother and child is against the cold wind trembling, mother heart cold.

  I really want to ask the distinguished gentlemen, don't you wife and children? You stand in the place where you should not stand, is the heart not jump, face not red?

  In today's society, we like this team there is a growing, more and more people like this, nothing new. They are all for the sake of personal interests to make anything against conscience, already forget yourself or Chinese people. I really want to shout: "please don't do this, you want to be treated, to abide by social morality".


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