My Thoughts For Spelling Bee(2000字)

2015-6-24 22:20:13 [小学六年级英语作文]

  On Thursday, the eighteeneh of December, in SUIS—wanyuan, we had Spelling Bee Final Competiti-on! We went to the hall to hold the competition because it was very important that everyone in Grad-e Six must go to the hall to watch the competition.

  At half past ten a.m., we were holding the competition. It was very exciting. The all eighteen contes-tants were on the stage of the hall. Miss Louise and Mr Rex were sitting on the chair and giving the S-pelling Bee Words to contestants to spell. We were all very excited but also very nervous because we were so afraid to leave the competition during the earlier stage.

  I was Number Eleven. So I had some time to prepare. When Number Ten finished, my heart began to beat very quickly. One of the rules is: Each contestant has only thrity seconds to spell the word. W-hen I had no idea of the words that the teacher had given tome, I used the little spare time to guess.‘Cushion!’suddenly, Miss Louise said. I was shocked when I heard this word and I was afraid I spelt it in the wrong way. I did not want to waste any time given, and I did not care any mistakes. So I tho-ught about the word for one second and then I spoke out my mind loudly:‘C-U-S-H-I-O-N’. And t-hen Miss Louise siad‘Correct!’Everyone in 6c cheered at me. I was also very excited because I pass-ed the first turn of Spelling Bee!


  But the sad story happened at last. I lost the competition because of the word‘convenience’! I w-as very sad and diappointed when I went down the stage and then I cried. I could have spelt the wor-d but I was so careless that I missed an‘n’. Miss Louise gave me another chance, and then I spelt it again. But Miss Apple rang the bell while

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