My Habit(1000字)

2015-6-24 22:20:13 [小学六年级英语作文]

  I have many habits, but today I would like to share one of my habits to all of you.

  I like raising fish. One of my most important thing is feeding fish. Every morning after I get up I usually go feeding my fish. First, I open a big box. Next I open a small bottle in the box. Then I open the bottle and take out a spoon of fish food and give the fish. After feeding one tank, I feed the other tank. I cannot feed too much or too less so fish won't be uncomfortable.

  Another important thing is to change the water for fish. I usually change the water for fish once a week so that they will not get sick. Sometimes my fish jumps out of the fish tank, so I have to use a net to catch them! I usually use the dirty water to water my plants because I can save water. It is good to our environment.

  That is my habit-- raising fish. It brings me much happiness. For example, my only koi fish, Susie, is my lucky fish. It accompanies me for near four years! I love Susie, I love my habit-- raising fish. Can you tell me yours?


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