2017-6-1 16:26:48 [小学四年级英语作文]



 Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, there was an India princess called Lily; she lived with her father in a desert, where the camel was always good and healthy… One day Lily went off through the woods to find some food to eat up. One or two times she would stop to admire the beautiful views, and try to aim at those who bother her; when she returned, she dragged a big deer for supper… it was also Dum for her to hit a very poor deer… Sometimes her father would say, “Well done!”

 After supper, Lily begged her father to let her go and have an adventure in the woods. Her father agreed, and Lily got her bow and arrow, ready to have an adventure. Along the way, she met a very lovely prince, and fell in love with him at once, but how could she express her love to him?

 She thought and thought about it along the way home. Until she figured out that she had lost her way. She had decided to move along and try to find her way back home, at last she found a big and tall tree that had branches that form a room; just like a platform… She cut off some branches that made a small floor; then she made the furniture, of sticks and wood and mud. In the evening, she rested on the platform, and waited until the sun rise… At sun rise, Lily woke up, she got her bow and arrow, ready to find home. But just as she was about to get down from her platform, a crocodile blocked her way, she sat there looking frightened.

 At last some back men rode horses came to this place, they quietly without any word, kicked the crocodile down; and then killed him. Lily finally got down from the tree or platform, and went with the black men.