2017-6-1 16:26:46 [小学四年级英语作文]



 Since the swallow had brought back the prince’s red gem, he could at last stay; but one night as soon as he was about to return to the Egypt, the happy prince said to the little swallow, “OH little swallow, please stay with me for one last night?” the swallow replied, “Oh dear prince, I couldn’t stay with you any longer, my friends are waiting for me and…” “Oh please little swallow, you must obey me;” the swallow sighed and said, “All right I shall stay with you for one last night.”

 The swallow then took a breath, after that he continued, “What is the request that you want me to do dear prince?” the prince said to the swallow, “See that poor old man writing a story, he is very hungry; and I could tell by his face,” “What do you want me to  give to him dear prince?” asked the swallow, as if he had so many questions to ask; “I want you to take out my blue eye ball, it is like a gem, and bring it to the man so that he could finish his act; and be happy once more.”

 At these words the swallow said, “OH my dear prince, I couldn’t do that! I swear! Because…” “No little swallow, you must do what I say, and help that poor man!” at these words, the swallow had no choice but to obey, he took out the other prince’s eye; with a squeak, as if he was helping the poor prince to recover from his pain.

 When the swallow flew to the man with the blue sapphire gem, he felt the warm wind of the spring dancing around in his brain. When he arrived, he placed the gem under the man’s face, and flew back to the prince. When he returned, the prince asked the swallow, “Did you succeed?” asked the prince joyfully, “I did, and I hope the man enjoys it too.