2017-6-1 16:26:45 [小学四年级英语作文]


 I have many reports that I need to tell you guys, and it is about love. I know that some of you hate this word and think that it was some of my mean tricks again, but I just want to tell you that this was no joke, because I had put my heart on this report.

 It was the summer, and I was just doing my homework as usual holidays; I was actually having a very good time and what was being told of me, and I went down stairs to get a snack. When I saw this cool girl named Marinette, she was cool; and I just wanted to talk to her. I didn’t actually have a crush on her; I just really liked the way that she looks. I just went outside and stopped to say, “Hi,” she said HI back, and I was actually astonished to see her quite surprised; she looked like she had a very good surprise that she was having at. I looked all the way through this and saw no such thing; I shook my head, and went inside.

 After I had finished lunch I went down stairs t get my bag and get ready for school. When I got into my seat, I started to think that something strange is up with Marinette; it was actually not quite astonishing to hear this; but it was actually what I was hoping for, I started to jump up, and rushing to the bathroom. I scolded some people on the way, and Plad came out of my pocket, you know the flying cat: What’s your problem; maybe you have a crush on her; “No, of course not.”

 I blushed, and was waiting to transform to figure what was up. I figured that some people didn’t want somebody rummaging around somebody, and so I transformed back, and went to class.