Bean sprouting(750字)

2016-6-12 16:11:37 [小学四年级英语作文]

   Bean sprouts is a favorite of many people, I am no exception. Can be appeared on the market in recent years, the poison bean sprouts, let a person. Poison bean sprouts refers to the production process to join illegal additives in bean sprouts, bean sprouts grow long, grow strong, has tremendous harm to the human body. So, Thursday heald research class, the teacher let us home bean sprouts.

 Back home, I took out a bowl, put a Huang Doufang inside, then filled with water on the sun insolates, a few days later, soybean is broken. My first attempt, so failed. This have not been able to reassure my confidence, but I feel will be able to make out of bean sprouts.

 A few days later, I again is going to make bean sprouts, this time, I have from the Internet to find the beans.


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