2016-6-12 16:11:36 [小学四年级英语作文]

 Hi! My name is JiZi containing.Today I let everybody know me.

 Specialty:Love to sing.

  Major accomplishment:

In October 2010 in the TV series "harem Zhen Huan" plays "WenYi princess" corner,In January 2011 in the film" Wu Yunduo "as" small beans ".In April 2012, starring in the movie" the direction of heart, "who" north north,And the TV series" love bodyguard "shooting,That November in micro movie" won't be late "In 2013 in the film" witness "plays" kobayashi of MOE ".In January 2014 in the film" little age 4 "as" xiao Lin xiao ,April in TV series" I love bromeo "as" little yiyi, "In the TV series tiger mother cat dad, who plays rabbit girl" Luo Qianqian.  外文名:Wendy  .  Birthplace: Beijing。 Alias: text, text baby.  Nationality: China .Constellation: libra.Date of birth: October 9, 2007  WendyFeel shivering,Well, not much. Goodbye!Can contact me:.


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