Please help my sister(700字)

2015-6-24 22:20:17 [小学一年级英语作文]

  Hi,my name is Linda .Mary is my sister.Her habbit is unhealthy.She usually get up at halp past six.Then she brush her teeth and wash her face.She eat breakfast is too quickly,beacuse she always go to school at seven o'clock.But she eat breakfast at fifteen to seven,so she doesn't have many times for breakfast.At noon she usually eat hamburgers and drink juice ,then she do her noon homework . After school , she get to home do her homework first . She always eat dessert after dinner,she know it is not good for her healthy.But it taste very good.And then she watch TV or play comeputer games. At ten o'clock,she go to the bed.Her habbit is not good for her.What can she do?Can you help her?Please tell me!Thanks.


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