My School Life 英语作文带翻译

2016-6-12 16:11:40 [关于事件的英语作文]

  My school life can be rich! And friends in the school study together, play together, eat together, cleaning. Every day have a happy, fulfilling. I was lucky enough to get along with classmate in a big family.

  We read the text together in the classroom every morning, morning reaidng once we again together in class. In class, we like again became a Nemesis, wish the teacher show his name, let oneself to speak. That is how we, in every class.

  I remember when I was in the most happiness, is I spit in the classroom, my good friends and no don't care about me, to take paper towel items to me, let myself wiping his clothes. Strength of the students came to outside of the classroom to take the mop pool, give off something I spit on the ground to clean, and rub the ground bright as day. This made me feel very gratified. Even when I was at home some classmates or ask me to never mind. I did reply one by one, they are also very hope I can get back to this family. The influence of this thing for me is very big.


  In this big family I very happy. Over time is the "children", our class has two students in the class to open a birthday party, then the happy moments in our class is coming again.

  I love the family, love my campus life with my classmates and friends!