My winter holiday(800字)

2016-6-12 16:11:40 [关于事件的英语作文]

  My winter holiday was very interesting.As that day i got back to my native hometown,cousins and cousines took me to ski.My skiing skill isn't good,got down for 15 times,they laughed at me behind,i can't help smiling, too.The day of Spring Festival was the most happiness day,we had meal for the first,a table of delicious food,that made me so glad.Then we played the fireworks.The childrens waving the lightening ticket while watching the adults playing the fireworks.That was so beautiful!Like the stars rainning down the world.At the end,it was time to get the red bag.we were very exciting,and satisfied.Sometimes,we also went shopping and bought something we like. Winter holiday life was really wonderful!

  我的寒假生活非常有趣.刚回老家那天,哥哥姐姐弟弟妹妹就拉着我去溜冰场溜冰.我技术不好,摔了15个跟头,他们都在那边笑我,我也情不自禁的笑了.大年三十那天最开心.先是吃团圆饭,一桌子的美食,让我大饱口服.然后就是放烟花.我们几个小孩一边拿着荧光棒甩,一边看大人们放烟花.好美啊!像降落在人间的星星.最后就是拿红包拉,我们都很兴奋,也很满足.有时,我们还会去逛街,买一些自己喜欢的东西. 寒假生活真美好!