The Philippine|邂逅菲律宾


“I’m named for both of my parents. ‘Ar’ is from my father’s name, Arnel, and ‘mily’ is from my mother’s name, Emily.”


“The Philippines is a beautiful country. It is famous for its wonderful beaches and islands.”


“I have two sisters: Razel is nine and Janell Vane is four. My mom is a housewife, and my dad is an electronics and computer technician.”
“I call my mom and dad‘Mama’ and ‘Papa,’ but kids here have many pet names for their parents:‘nanay,’‘inay,’or‘mamang’ for mothers and‘tatay,’‘itay,’, ‘papang’ for fathers.”
“When I grow up, I want to be a famous actress, singer, and dancer, because I want my family to have the best things in life someday.”
“Filipino1 children face many of the same problems as American children because we experience the same physical and emotional changes. The difference is our economic status. The Philippines is a third world country, so we do not have as much as American children.”

“Here’s a picture of me with my classmates and friends—Karla, Hanna, Danica, and Ana—in our school uniforms.”
Music and TV
“My favorite singers are South Border (a Filipino boy band), Britney, Avril, and the Black Eyed Peas.”
“My favorite TV channel is MYX, which is like MTV. I also like Nickelodeon2, the Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel.”
“Many American celebrities are famous here, like Drew Barrymore, Tom Cruise, and Keanu Reeves, and they influence many Filipinos. Many Filipinos want to go to other countries, because they are lands of greater opportunities.”

“Girls our age like to wear clothes that are hip3. Since it’s so hot, the most popular styles right now are capris4 or low-waist pants, backless or sleeveless blouses, and miniskirts.”
“We eat rice three times a day. Children usually eat fried rice, cooked eggs, and hot dogs for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, we eat rice and a main dish, like soup.”
Filipinos love Spam (the food, that is!). The restaurant in Manila serves Spam nuggets5, Spam spaghetti6, Caesar salad with Spam and, of course, Spam and eggs!
When you reach for ketchup7 in the Philippines, you may be surprised to find it’s made from bananas! It tastes a lot like the tomato variety, but sweeter.
  “Traditional dress is still worn by Filipino people, especially during celebrations. But it is hard to wear a long saya8 (a dress) with a kimona (a top knitted from pineapple fiber) in a hot climate. You’ll sweat to death!”
  “At my school, boys and girls study together. We wear uniforms and a school ID. The official language here is Pilipino, but we study almost all of our subjects in English, the language used for business and politics.”
Curiosities & Facts
Of the 7,000 islands of the Philippines, only 880 are inhabited and at least 2,000 do not even have names!
Some Filipino kids enjoy spider wrestling. They put two spiders on a long stick and let them fight to the death. The sport has been banned in some areas, partly because it distracts kids from their schoolwork.
The isolated Tasaday tribe lives in caves—much like Stone Age people—in a protected area of the Philippines. They were discovered in 1971.
  Filipina actress/singer Lea Salonga was the singing voice of Jasmine in Aladdin and the voice of Mulan in The Legend of Mulan.
The Philippines’ Tarsier9 monkey is the smallest monkey in the world. Its big eyes let it see at night.
The Pearl of Allah, the world’s largest natural pearl, measures nine inches across and weighs almost 14 pounds. It was found in a giant clam10 in the Philippines and is worth around $40 million!
  Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines, became famous worldwide for her collection of shoes—she had thousands!
  If you want to get someone’s attention in the Philippines, you give them a “passsst.” The farther away you are from the person, the longer your passsssssssst!

    在菲律宾,如果你想引起某人注意,就跟他们说英语的“past”,你可以把字母s拖得很长,你离那个人距离越远,就把s 拖得越长!


1. Filipino  n. 菲律宾人
2. Nickelodeon是美国一个著名的儿童频道。
3. hip [hip] adj. 超时髦的;嬉皮的
4. capris  n. 女式紧身裤   
5. nugget  n. 固体小块
6. spaghetti  n. 意大利细面条
7. ketchup  n. 调味番茄酱
8. saya  n. 赛亚裙(菲律宾、和西班牙语国家穿的一种齐膝短裙)
9. tarsier  n. 眼镜猴
10. clam  n. 蚌