Should We Donate Money?(800字)

2017-6-1 16:25:54 [高中三年级英语作文]

  Today when people talk about Red Cross Organization, they shake their heads and don’t trust this organization. People react for it originated from about four years ago, at that time, a girl showed off her luxury in the public media, she told people that her father was a member of the Red Cross Organization. More and more people knew her, they thought they were cheated by the organization, the money they donated was not used in the right way. The incident has a great negative influence on the Red Cross Organization, people don’t trust it any more, they are not willing to donate their money. As for me, I will not donate money to the organization, I choose to give money to the person who is in need of help, so the money won’t be taken by others, make sure the person get the real money.