My Pet(800字)

2016-6-12 16:11:32 [高中三年级英语作文]

First and foremost, I have a pet. It is my dog, the? name is coco, It is color is as white as snow, and have a two big eyes. It is very nice and loyalty. It makes me stress reliever, and forget about the busy thing in the school. For example, when I feel sadness, it? will accompany with me, I will talk about my feeling,

not only share happy thing, but also share upset events. Therefore, this also lets me have a


By the way, when I go out, coco in order to wait me at the door. Visible it very loyalty. In addition, in order for the dog can make some new friends, I will help it to join many activities. Such as when I often

?take a walk with Coco, it will very happy. Since it can make some news friends.


Last but not least, my dog makes me so happy, it can make me reduce an anxiety.


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