healthy life(700字)

2017-6-1 16:26:05 [高中一年级英语作文]

By 2016,we already entrance the information age ,with the modern society enter our life of daily,Our life become more and more colorful and convenient,part from ,health questions also become very serious,more and more traders want to benefit to satisfy their vanity so damage to the citizens health to reach their purpose,its bad hehaviour ,should be dislike,om the one hand ,we must boycott unhealth practices,on the other hand,we also planning a document,in order to perfect our health plan ,such as diet ,Early to bed and early to rise ,do not stay up late,take part in sports,also strengthen our body,in short ,we must charge for our health,no matter that happen,we all take care of yourself! it is a not to ignore.


 By 2016, we have already entered the information age. Our life becomes more and more colorful and convenient. But health problems also become more and more serious.

 More and more traders benefit at the cost of damaging the health of the citizens. It's really crazy. we should do something to stop this. On the one hand ,we must boycott unhealthy practices. The government should make laws to ensure the safety of the food. On the other hand, we should make a health plan ourselves. We can get into good habits, such as early to bed and early to rise, do not stay up late, take part in sports, and so on.

 In short, we must be responsible for our own health. No matter what happens, we should take care of ourselves!



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