Travel?I have my own style(900字)

2017-6-1 16:26:05 [高中一年级英语作文]

In class,teacher asks our will conduct a travelling. It has two ways to the travelling,concluding travel with a group,travel alone,we could discussing a way how to arrange . ten minutes later,the result is us choice travel with a group ,because this is convenient , most person of us consider is good. For example,we have a guide to make us have not losing,Part from,we will have a lot of time to enjoyment,rather than going to look for a hotel,It will have a good time enough,what's more,we will have opportunity to make new friends ,helping each othe. Of course ,onthers of us think travel alone is better than travel with a group,they rather than like quite a quiet ,because this way silent enough,they rather than become a listener of nature,and they think more importance is fredom,free time,free choice place of travel,free care for own,all in all,the ways both all well,haha,have a good time.


In class, the teacher tells us that we will go travelling. We have two choices to travel: travel in a group or travel alone. After discussing for ten minutes, we decide to travel in a group, because this is convenient. The guide can keep us together and we won't get lost. Apart from that, we will have a lot of time to enjoy ourselves rather than going to look for a hotel. What's more,we will have opportunities to make new friends ,helping each other. However, the others think travelling alone is better. They can have a quieter time and be a listener of the nature. They think the most important thing is freedom. They can make their own plans freely.


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