My Winter holiday(550字)

2017-6-1 16:26:05 [高中一年级英语作文]

I really had an interesting and short winter holiday.On the January 23rd,it snowed in ChongQing.I felt surpised and happy.I quickly went out house.And I accompanied with my little sister to build a snowman.That's a good day.During winter holiday,I always got up at 11 o 'clock.Then I had breakfast and lunch at half past 12.After that,I did dishs and did my homework.Then i went shopping with my friends and we drunk afternoon tea togther.I like sports very much.During winter holiday.I often run in morning.Because it can help me to bulid my strength.In a word,I'm very happy on holiday.


 I really had an interesting but short winter holiday.

 On the January 23rd, it snowed in ChongQing. I felt surpised and happy. I quickly went out of the house. And I made a snowman with my little sister. Then we had a snowball fight. Although it was cold, we both felt very happy.

 During winter holiday, I always got up at 11 o 'clock. After lunch, I did the dishes and did my homework. If my friends came to see me, we always went shopping and had afternoon tea togther.

  I also did sports during winter holiday. I often did a morning run. Because it can help me to bulid my strength.

 In a word, I had a nice winter holiday.



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