A letter to my English(2000字)

2017-6-1 16:26:02 [高中一年级英语作文]

Dear friend,

? Thanks for everything you have done for me.You are my best friend in my daily life.You can't talk,but I still like you very much.We play with each other every day and night.You have filled my life with more happiness.Because of you, I feel more confident when I play with my friends.There is a bright smile on my face.

? You make me confident.Whenener it is an English lesson,I listen carefully and read loudly.I think every lesson is like a challenge.During morning reading,I read English passages so fluently,loudly and fast,that even I can recite them.I is great fun.I feel very confident and excited.

? You bring me great pleasure.As I get good marks in the English exams,I feel very pleased and glad,although my classmates sometimes don't like me.When I talk with others about English,I am quite happy.I know,this is because of you.

? When I am with you,I can relax myself.I often read english books before i go to bed.When i'm sleepless,I always recite English passages.That makes my spirit relaxing.I do this until i feel sleepy.

? The biggest problem I have is that I don't dare to speak English with others.It makes me feel sad,worried an disappointed.But,I promise,I swear:I will try my best to correct it.With my enthusiasm,happiness and confident,I will face the world smilingly,then I'm sure i will find everyone is very friendly.

? At the moment,I have a resolution to study other subjects well,and make both you and my future better and better.

? Thanks for doing so much for mr.I will love you forever,my English.

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