And I am a true boy(900字)

2015-7-20 17:22:19 [高中一年级英语作文]

  Seventeen years ago ,I was a baby ,I didn‘t know anything, just eating,watching and screaming.

  As time goes by ,I become a little boy ,full of curiosity and mistakes, Ididn't know the society.

  Now, with the help of my parents, teachers and friends, I get stronger, more wisdom and more responsible, I am a true boy, I get into the river of society and be together with different people, I learn much more, not only knowledge, but also the living skills ,I get out of young and innocent.And I understand a true boy should help others, do something for the society, be more generous, more polite.A true boy is a benchmarking of the society, although the society is king of dangerous, we should get into it and work it out, just for you, for me, for others.

  I am now a boy, I should be like a man.


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