Studying English Smart|懒人说英语


1. 他的教导我终身受用。I benefit from his advice all my life.
2. 我不想变成书呆子。I don’t want to be a bookworm.
3. 他喜欢说大话。He likes to talk big.
4. 请帮我说说人情。Please put in a word for me.
5. 那司空见惯。It happens all the time. / It’s a common thing.
6. 他有不少私房钱。He has quite a number of private savings.
7. 他们是一帮死党。They are a group of diehard followers.
8. 他衣着俗气。The clothes he wears is in poor taste.
9. 我经历了人生的酸甜苦辣。I had experienced the ups and downs of life.
10. 随便你。Up to you. / Suit yourself.
11. 请随便。Help yourself.
12. 我随便吃吃就行。I am easy. / I don’t care what to eat.
13. 她为人随和。She is easy going.
14. 他喜欢抬杠。He likes to argue about nothing.
15. 太离谱了。Way off base!
16. 我们要体谅别人。We shall be considerate of others.
17. 她爱挑剔。She is picky. / She is nitpicky.
18. 不要鸡蛋里挑骨头。Don’t try and pick the yolk out of the egg.
19. 他跳槽当导游。He left his job to become a tour guide.
20. 我们同病相怜。We are all in the same boat.