Studying English Smart |懒人说英语


一 Studying English Smart 懒人说英语

1. 他跟我过不去。He gave me a hard time.
2. 他太过分了。He went too far. /He overdid it.
3. 你过奖了。I am flattered. /You gave me an undeserved compliment.
4. 你的房租过期了。Your rent is overdue.
5. 好久不见。Long time no see.
6. 她好客。She is sociable. /She is hospitable.
7. 她是个红娘。She is a match maker.
8. 他是个NBA的候补球员。He is only a bench player in NBA.
    注:候补机票standby ticket; 候补球员bench player, back up。
9. 我们叫他花花公子。We call him a playboy.
10. 他总是花言巧语。He always talks sweetly.
      注:花言巧语sweet words
11. 那很划算。It’s worthwhile. /It does pay.
      那不划算。It’s worthless. /It doesn’t pay.
12. 他是位美籍华人。He is a Chinese American.
      注:华侨overseas Chinese;归国华侨returned overseas Chinese; 美籍华人a Chinese American;华裔a foreign citizen of Chinese origin
13. 我将汇款给你。I’ll wire you money.
   谢谢你的汇款。Thank you for the remittance.
14. 你活该。You deserve it. /It serves you right.
15. 急什么?What’s the hurry? /What’s the rush?
16. 大家集合!Call together!
17. 他是个计较的人。He is too particular about things.
18. 我今晚加班。I am working overtime tonight.
19. Go! Go! Go for it! Come on!
20. 我很健忘。I am forgetful. /I have a bad memory.