Studying English Smart|懒人说英语


1. 他被禁赛两场。He was suspended for two games.
2. 久违了!Long time no see! / I haven’t seen you for ages.
3. 我会卷土重来的。I’ll stage a comeback.
4. 他与兄弟决裂了。He spilt up with his brothers.
5. 他终于打入决赛。He entered the finals at last.
6. 篮球赛早晨九点开球。The basketball game tips off at 9 AM.
7. 足球赛晚上七点开球。The football game kicks off at 7 PM.
8. 别开玩笑!Don’t make a joke.
 别开我玩笑!Don’t make fun of me.
9. 学生们很看得起他。Students think highly of him.
10. 许多中国人喜欢看相。Many Chinese like to read fortunes.
11. 你看着办吧!Do whatever you think is right.
12. 请靠边走。Please keep to the side.
13. 他是靠不住的。He is unreliable.
14. 他的话靠得住。You can depend on his words.
15. 他为人苛刻。He is exacting. /He is tough.
16. 可想而知。That goes without saying.
17. 饭店客满。The restaurant was full.
   电影院客满。The theater has no seats left.
   注:客满be packed, be booked
18. 她是位空姐。She is a flight attendant. / She is an air hostess.
19. 他的口才好。He is a talented speaker.
20. 她想傍大款。She wants to find a sugar daddy.