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2017-6-1 16:26:09 [初中三年级英语作文]

  My name is Alex Shen .May you do not wonder me , but only I understand you enough. I am a medium student . And I only have some friends because I am shy . Although I am good with classmates , but my heart is full of with lonely . So I do not talk with people rarely . I like reading fantasy fiction and play some computer games . My parents wane me get good senior high school . So they are strict to me . I see others are so free and get good grades . So I do not understand that . I do not wonder I should do anything now.If you wonder I can do something , please write a letter to me.Thank you!

My name is Alex Shen. I am a middle school student. And I have a few friends because I am shy. Although I get on well with my classmates, I still feel lonely sometimes. I seldom talk with others. I like reading fantasy fictions and play computer games. My parents want me to go to a better senior high school, so they are strict with me. But I know some classmates who have good grades are much freer. So I do not understand that. I am wondering what I should do now. If you know what I can do, please write to me. Thank you! 

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