Hug in spring(600字)

2017-6-1 16:26:06 [初中三年级英语作文]

  Where is the spring, ah, ah Where is spring, spring where ah, spring in our eyes.Some say that in the spring, ah, I am happy to answer that in a small spring tree ah. You see, trees spit out new shoots, tree grandfather looked a lot younger, I said, in the spring in the garden, the flowers are blooming, the spring added a beautiful landscape. I said, in the spring of each of us hearts.I was the favorite all year round spring, I always felt it was the beginning of the year, everything is new, I can plant trees in the spring, go camping, I had a great time in the spring. So Spring is my "lucky" day.初三刘蓓蓓


One Chinese children’s song sings: Where is the spring, where is spring, spring is in our eyes.

Some can see spring in trees. In spring, trees spit out new shoots. I can see spring in the  garden where the flowers are blooming. I can see spring in our hearts.

My favorite time around the year is spring. It is the beginning of the year, and everything is new.  In spring, I can plant trees, go camping, and have a great time. So spring is my "lucky" days.



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