How to learn English(900字)

2017-6-1 16:26:06 [初中三年级英语作文]


    As students ,it is necessary to lstudy hard。But  it is difficult  to do it 。So you need a good way to learn it。

    First,you have to have a dictionary 。When you  do not  understand  the words‘ meaning ,you can look words  up  in a  dictionary。Second,if you  can not  understand  your  English teacher‘s word 。You can practice  listening  by watching English movies  or by  listening to English songs 。 Third,you should learn from your mistakes  and   try to remenber 1-5 words every day ,then you can lean English well day by day 。

     In a word,you must believe in yourself 。Persist will be able to succeed .

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 As students, it is necessary to study hard. But it is difficult for us. So we need  some good ways to do it.
 Firstly, we must have a dictionary. When we do not know the words, we can look them up in the dictionary. Secondly, we must practise more. Such as we can practise listening by watching English movies or listening to English songs. Thirdly, we should learn from our  mistakes. At the same time, we had better make a plan, like trying to remember 1-5 words every day. Then we can learn English well day by day. 



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