Grow up!(1200字)

2016-6-12 16:11:33 [初中三年级英语作文]

When we were children, we often say that I want to grow up, or I want to be an adult. As children, we cannot do many things, while after we grow up, we can. However, we often complain that I don’t want to grow up when we become adults actually

Firstly, growing up means more responsibilities. We should make a living by ourselves or we should support our parents when they can’t earn enough money to make a living. Secondly, after graduation, we need to work instead of accomplishing nothing. We should have a target and work for it, so we have pressure on jobs. After that, when we meet with the right person, we will get marry with him or her to build a family. That is to say, we have heavier burden because of our family. Building a family and keeping it harmonious is not easy. In a word, there are many problems waiting for us once we grow up. ? ? ??very coin has two sides. Grow up can also broaden our horizon, offer us an opportunity to know more about our world, love and protect the important person in our life. Don’t be afraid of growing up, just be a better person and enjoy our life.


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