Youth, hello!(2000字)

2016-6-12 16:11:33 [初中三年级英语作文]

Youth, hello! Thank you for coming into our world, and we are on the stage of life. Since we left the parents warm embrace, out of the young innocent childhood years, set foot on the glittering life road. In the first row on the road we know the original universe has numerous unknown, in waiting for us to discover, to experience, to explore. In this way we slowly began to understand that life in a pleasant surprise, more sad; a success, more failure,...... We learn to face.

? ?Youth, hello! Thank you let us have belong to own personality, let us stand in the life of the track graceful running, flying freely in the blue sky, let us unbridled laughter. We are rebellious, we make public, we impetuous, we are paranoid...... Anyway, in the center of your heart and my heart, only self, is you let us with so many of the shortcomings of the "intoxicated" in their own world, to boldly imagination belongs to our own future, enjoy dancing merrily, blooming out of the most authentic self.

? ?Youth, hello! Thank you for letting us taste the tears poured down in tears, let us learn to be strong and play. Time at our fingertips silent running, intertwined with our tears and laughter. In this beautiful time, we cried, laughed, loved, hated, but we never give up. After being hit by a myriad of storms, we still persist and move forward.

? ?Youth, hello! Thank you for giving us energy, wisdom and courage, we can overcome cowardice, dare to take risks, because we have you, because we have you, we can stand on the new starting line, meet new challenges, because we have you, we are not afraid of failure, I believe everything can start from scratch.

? ?Now, the hot youth, still rolling in our hearts! Youth, thanks to you, because of you, we have been free of the shackles of childhood, life experience in the movement to leave this shock. Youth, thank you, thank you for let us full of passion. We will use this infinite passion, the Beatles and waves, create brilliant life.


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