My mother(700字)

2015-6-24 22:20:11 [初中一年级英语作文]

  I love my mother.She is tall and thin.She has long、black hair.She is very beautiful.She is about 30 years old.

  She is a good teacher.She is strict about her students's studies.Everyday she left her students' hall, but she also to their learning.She is very busy.Even on Saturday Sunday, and she will put own day as preparation.Even if she is so busy, she still finds time to help me with my studies and plays ball games with me.

  She is hard-working ,kind and patient.I remember one time I went to a picnic.She looks after me all the way.She has two children,one is me,another is my elder brother.My mother like us very much.

  I like her very much!I hope my family will happily all the way.


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