Fight to life

 All of us have dreams, but not everyone can make dream come true. Dream are always so far to reach, and should we give them up? To my way of thinking, not because something is difficult to achieve , we lose the will to fight ;But because we lose the will to fight, something is difficult to achieve. Made a general survey of the all time and all over the world, the majority of successful people had a of experience fighting.
 He hadnt finish business by sword , but I will use my pen to nish my business.’
 That spring, one day, Balzac suddenly jump from the seat in the lawyer office .The life that had no freedom and happiness made him tired. He raised his head, and made a decision that he would become a writer to win the freedom ,treasure and honor that he wanted.
 He put a Napoleon’s sculpture on his desk .Balzac thought that when this great conqueror stared at him ,it seems that he is challenging himself. He put up a card on it. That card read ‘He did not finish his business by sword , I will use my pen to finish my business .’ He got the inspiration from it. He regarded He battleground ,regarded paper as ammunition, and regarded pen as weapon.
 At midnight , all was in silence .The only voice was that his pen point slid on the paper. Although the sun rose again, he didn’t see anything. For himself , the sunshine was a little aperture, and he didn’t know space and time except the world made by himself.
 50 thousands cup of coffee,20 years, 91 novel fiction,2400 character. these built a great building of literature------《Human Comedy>
 Song Qingling has said ‘Every great achievement is the result of hard work’ The only thing we can get without action is poverty. Remember ,waiting for beauty is impossible ,and honor should own by struggling . So, what are you waiting for ,just fight against life .
 Nothing is impossible .
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