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The round sun, like a careless painter, overturned the fiery red paint and dyed the nearby clouds red
  At five o'clock one afternoon, I went to the roof with a small chair. At this time, the weather was slowly cool and there was no heat from one to three o'clock in the afternoon.
  Entering the roof, I heard the comfortable wind and chirping birds. I put down my small chair and sat down. I saw a golden and red round sun. The round sun was like a careless painter. It overturned the fiery red pigment and dyed the nearby clouds red. Look, there was a cloud like Kuafu, "Kuafu" chasing after the sun, which was very much like Kuafu chasing the sun.
  The sun gradually moved down with time. In winter, the sun is like a little girl who is afraid of the cold, and soon retracts her lower body into the warm "quilt" of the mountain. It is not like the "naughty little boy" who refuses to go home after dinner at seven o'clock in summer! Now from here, it looks like a burning torch. The flames go up and down, warming my heart, even if it has fallen to more than ten degrees!
  The sun is setting, the heat in my heart is gradually cooling down, and the sky is dark. Some people may think that the "film" for dusk is over. It's not. There's another clip that I haven't watched, that's -- animals. Look, there are a group of birds flying in groups in the sky. They form a herringbone in a queue. They move their eyes to the trees downstairs. A bird flies into the trees. It turns out that it has found food outside and is feeding their children. I only listen to the satisfied cries of the birds and children, which makes me feel the greatness of father's love and mother's love!
  At 7:00 p.m., the animals also began to rest. Urged by my family, I returned home and aftertaste the process of dusk. Nature is so beautiful!
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