叶欣灵 夏天快乐萤火虫呱呱
"Mine, this is mine!""Liar, this is mine!" Huh? Who is fighting here?
  "Mine, this is mine!" "Liar, this is mine!" Huh? Who is fighting here?
  This should start from just now. On the way, Shanshan saw a bag of potato chips. The potato chips in it must be delicious, and it still tastes like Shanshan's favorite steak.
  Shanshan smiled and tried to pick up the potato chips. Unexpectedly, Xiaowu, the little owner of the potato chips, came. He saw that his potato chips were about to be picked up by Shanshan and was very angry. "Who are you?" How to steal my potato chips? Hurry, give it back to me! " Shanshan wanted to explain that she didn't mean it. Seeing that Xiaowu was so angry with him, she said angrily, "You left it here. I just picked it up. How can you call it stealing?" Besides, I came here with my ability. Why should I give it back to you? "
  Xiao Wu said angrily, "Well, I'll go and play with my good friends for a while, and then the potato chips will be taken away by you. What attitude? It's reasonable to steal things, right?" "who knows, besides, can you prove that this is yours? That's funny. " Shanshan said angrily.
  When Xiaowu heard this, he quickly came up to grab it. Shanshan could not easily give it to him, and the beginning scene appeared. They kept tearing at potato chips, only listening to a "click". The bag broke and the potato chips fell to the ground. They had to pick up the potato chips on the ground and eat them.
  I thought helplessly: if Xiaowu had a better attitude, Shanshan might give him potato chips; If Shanshan sees Xiaowu coming, she will give the potato chips to Xiaowu consciously, and Xiaowu may be given to Shanshan. If both sides would think of each other, then this dispute might not happen.
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