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叶欣灵 夏天快乐萤火虫呱呱
There is a girl whose legs are worse than a tornado, and she flew to 108,000 miles with a whoosh.
   There is a girl whose legs are worse than a tornado, and she flew to 108,000 miles with a whoosh.
  In the third grade, the class was so hot that the teacher was choosing the contestants for the summer sports meeting.
  By the time of choosing the 100-meter women's race, most students and teachers always thought that Moer, who had won the second place in the grade in the last class, should continue to play, but Moer waved his hand and said, "No, no, when I jumped into the bunker in physical education class yesterday, I hurt my leg a little, which would affect my performance."
  We shook our heads and didn't believe it. We thought it was because Moer was too lazy to run. But Moer gently lifted his trouser legs up a little, which is true.
  The teacher was extremely distressed: "Yangyang is worse than Moer, but he can't come because he has a fever; Cosette participated in the winter, only ran a penultimate; Ying … "
  A Ying looked up, heard the teacher say her name, and shouted, "Teacher, let me try."
  The teacher tilted his head: "Well, you can do it, or there will be no one else."
  Ying is very happy.
  It's time for the game, and Moer is standing in the middle of several big girls, looking so small that I can't help but sweat for her.
  "Du-"whistle rang, and I saw A Ying squared up and dashed at me. Wow, even though a hungry wolf was chasing after me, I couldn't run so fast.
  The result is very clear, not bad. Listen: "The first-year champion Yaoyao, the second-year champion Tiaomian and the third-year champion A Ying …" We cheered happily: "A Ying A Ying, the number one in the world." She smiled: "No, you are really exaggerating."
  After the game, I asked her, "How did you practice it?"
She faltered for a long time, and stumbled out nine words from her mouth: "Uh … uh … uh … uh … uh … uh … no comment …"
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