Hypnosis teacher——Wang Xixi's Diary Novels7

叶欣灵 夏天快乐萤火虫呱呱
  The next class is a moral lesson.
  Well Lee, the so-called "Monkey King" of the whole class, shouted loudly, "Yo, everyone should be prepared,' Hypnosis teacher will be here to help the students have a good sleep. "
  "Ding Rinrin-"The bell rang. Mr. Xu Hongchao, the moral teacher, came in. He is over fifty years old, about the same age as my grandfather. He walked in leisurely, hey, he also took a big folding fan of classical style. "Do you want us to stay cool when we sleep?" The surrounding classmates are talking about it.
  Less than half of the class, many children were fast asleep. Only a few class cadres, such as me and Wang Severely, were awake. Wang Severely sat there, but I couldn't stand it. "Whoosh ~" "Pa-"I was shocked. "Wang Xixi, as the monitor, what's your explanation for sleeping in class?" Wang severely punished. "I, I …" I panicked.
  "Bah, Wang Xixi, I don't know what I am." Wang severely punished him fiercely and stood up. "xu teacher, should this matter be reported to the class teacher?"
  "Severely punish classmates, please don't report to the teacher in charge, ok? Sit down. " Unexpectedly, xu teacher actually said like this, "The moral class is not important. The third grade is a difficult level except the graduating class. The children are all tired, and they fall asleep when they sleep. Anyway, I can't say anything when I have a old bones."
  The whole class was stunned, and everyone was awakened from sleepiness. Students watched the lovely xu teacher gratefully, and soon, everyone fell in love with the moral lesson, and changed the reputation of xu teacher as a hypnotist into a "Mr. Good Virtue". Well Lee will never laugh at xu teacher again.
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