Exercise Safety Tips

Warm-up is good for our body and helps us do sports better.
  Hello,everyone!This is the Health Voices radio show.Today I would like to share with you some exercise safety tips.Let us get started.
  First,we should warm up before doing sports.Warm-up is good for our body and helps us do sports better.It is quite necessary for us.
  Second,we should notice our clothes.Wearing comfortable clothes can help us do sports well and comfortably.It can also help us cut down the risks of doing sports.It is the most important.
  Third,we should follow some rules of doing sports.For example, we should not drink cold drinks after exercising.It might make us ill.
  Finally,we should not do sports for too long time.Although it seems good for our body,it might let us take risks so that doing sports is not safe and good.
  I hope the tips will be helpful.
  Thank you for listening!See you next time!
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