A discussion of death

It is the first time I try to write in English,and I want to have a discussion about“death”。
  A discussion of death
  In the last year, I worked at the literature club and held an essaycontest which main idea was about “dream and boundary of concepts”, as adirector of office. A girl I had not seen but heard something about sent anessay to us, which expressed that she deemed she would fail her post-graduateexam and indulged in her obscure illusion. In my own case, it was not apositive composition as well enough as others and all the club mates justthought equally, though she looked like having a great account in writing.Finally, the conclusion of the discussion by the specific panel was reject.
  I thought it had gone. However, the witch hunt began. In the ensuingyear, I heard that she had failed committing suicide but got the mentaldisorder. I talking to my president expressed the regret due to my neglect, buthe let me calm and responded that everyone ultimately died, and it was notrarely for everyone to observe or experience this common phenomenon. Idisagreed with what he said though I could not profoundly understand.
  What is death? Why we are bound to death? And what we will be afterthe death? These issues may have been disputed for a long time. Some peoplethink that death is the end, while others do not confirm to the fate. There aretoo many different concepts, but the most of us do not want to discuss about.
  As the massive, we just fight for our livelihood and burn our restto take the increasing number of monies. We should be in a desperate attempt tofeed our own family. Apparently, we have not enough time to pay attention to“death” but assuredly walk to it step by step, and that makes us afraid.
  So, what is death? The philosophers will introduce a concept that itis a simple process to describe the vanishment of creatures, and it is one ofthe existences as same as life. It sounds like everything will have itsbeginning and termination, namely all of us will get the process that we loseour life to go to death. However, must it be negative?
  Human is the smallest but also the greatest. We cannot fly or swimacross the sea, so we create the air and the ship. We cannot fight alone withthe wild animals or other enemies, so we establish the societies and the countries.Then we find that our time is limited, so we keep thinking and improve ourlimited life by perpetual developments.
  We resist with the nature to death believing that man can conquerit, and we build buildings and blaze the path. We introduce a variety ofconcepts and sciences to take our life progress, and we explore everythinguncharted in the starry sea. Humans are on their own and being towards death,so they can break out the limit and access to the infinite. It is likewise thereason why we define the death the particular trait of human and the sameprocess of others is referred to as vanishment.
  As for us,we born held the different cardsand the most of us dreamed to shuffle out the unfortunate one. We break ourback for the bread and live between the variety of payments while the life frequently play a trick on us. but we never abandonourselves in the adversity,and we likewise encourageall the people we encountered into around all the things we meet. Accordingly,I can arrive at a conclusion that it is the spirit of human thatthey never give up whatever every accident will be happened . it is theunderlying motivation of society gained the developments and improvements. itis the meaning of being-towards-death.
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