Self introduction

  Good morning, everyone! It is my great hornor have this opportunity to introduce myself
  I am Lian Xinyan.I coame from Shanxi, Yushe, a beautiful place. And welcome to visit my hometown If there's no brief talking explaining why your hometown is beautiful I'd rather not say it..I'm major in statistics. As far as we known ,statistics is more and more important in our life, so I really want to learn this subject.Then I will tell something about my hobbies ang my English.
  First of all,as for my hobbies,I like reading.As the old saying goes”Books are the best friends of mankind.”Surely books are. Reading books not only broadens my horizens???? but also gives me great courages to get over different difficulties. So that is the reason why I like reading. In addition ,I like writing.I often write something about what I have thought. What's moreIn addition, I all along hope that I can publish some books of my own work in the future. And now I am working hard to achieve this dream.
  Second ,as for my English,English is my favorite subject,but I think my spoken oral English is needed to be improved I still need to work a lot improving my oral order to improve it,I am trying my best to exercise.Besides,I would appreciate it if you can help me.Yea I definitely can.
  Finally ,I really want to make friends with you.
  That is all, thank you.
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