Helping Others Is the Source of Happiness

If you saw a poor child who cannot found his or her mother and father,will you help him or her?
  A few days ago,I saw a little girl was crying in a shopping mall.She was so poor,I asked`Why you are crying?What's the matter?`
 `I lost…I lost my mum!I…I can't see…see her…`the little girl cryed.
  `Poor little girl!How could her mother lost her?What a careless mother!`I think.
  `SH!!!Don't cry any more.Can I help you to find your mother?`I asked.`OK.`answered the girl.
  `Little girl,inquiry office is not really far.I can bring you there.`We walked to the inquiry office.
  I asked the officer to help to found her mum.
  But…5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes…20 minutes…25 minutes…30 minutes…We still cannot saw her mother.
  Then I asked the little girl`Where did you live?`
  `I live in Sea Wave Vallage floor 2.`The girl answered.
  We went there and wait for her mother.
  About a hour later,the little girl's mother came back.The little girl gave her mother and yelled`Mother!I miss you very much!`
  I smiled when I saw they were cried together.
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