The importance of Respect

Last month,there was a new student in our class.
  Last month,there was a new student in our class.Her name is Roxanne who with a little stutter.The teacher asked us to take care of her and she was assigned to sit next to Isabel.When Roxanne couldn't speak clearly in the lesson,Isabel helped her and showed her the ways.She acted like Roxanne's sister.
  A few days later,Roxanne knew more about our class and our daily routine.However,she still couldn't answer teachers' questions in the lesson.At the recess or after school,there were some naughty boys who laughed at her or play tricks on her.They always made Roxanne cry.Yesterday,when Isabel and Roxanne were on the way home,the naughty kids laughed at her again.Isabel was very angry and shouted‘Hey!Can you guys respect others?If someone laugh at you,how do you feel?Will you be happy?If you continue doing this,I will tell teacher and punish you.’
  ‘Sorry Roxanne,We won't play tricks on you or laugh at you again.’The boys said.‘It,just,OK.’Answer Roxanne.
  On the next day,Isabel told me all about this.I felt proud of her,and she taught me the importance of respect.We should always put ourselves on other's shoe.
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