Should teenagers help with chores

Every coin has two sides.
 Different peopel have different ideas.If you are a parent,do you let your kids do chores ?
 Some peopelthink it is important for teenagers to do chores.It is every family member's duty to share the chores.By doing chores,
teenagers can konw the idea of fairness.Now,teenagers just spend too much time the study without a good rest.Doing chores is a good
rest for them.They can be stroger and healthier,too.They also can
understand their parenets better .The earier kids learn to be independent ,the better for their future.
 However, every coin has two sides.Some peopel disagree this.To their opinion ,teenagers shoulen't do chores.For them , the most
important thing is studying.At schhol ,they already get some even a lot stress.After school,they need to do much homework.They have
no time to do chores.And anyway ,their good grades are the best gifts for their parents and themselves.
 As for a teenager ,I think ,it is important to study hard.But we can't waste homework time to do chores.And we need to help with chores on weeekends.
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