Film Reflection of Outsourced

跨文化管理outsourced观后感,电影很好看文章就不用看了嗯。话说这个英文分行就不能不把一个单词拆开吗T T

       Film Reflection of Outsourced
With the development of the globalization, the model of outsourcing – “an organization’s use of an outside organization for a broad set of services”- has become a popular way for more and more companies to utilize. The movie outsourced shows the cultural difference, cultural conflict and cultural fusion between USA and India based on such a background.

The hero Todd, who was working for an American company, was sent to India as an expatriate to train the local sales person to work and speak in an American way. During this process (perhaps during this “disaster” in Todd’s word), Todd had gone through many cultural shocks, eventually he learned about India and solved all of these problems. The followings are my reflections about this movie:

·America has high individualism of 91, whereas India is 48. IDV describes the tendency of people to look after themselves and their immediate family only. American people are independent, they desire to live on their own but Indian tends to focus more on family. As we can see in the film when Todd first came to the homestay, he was asked so many private questions such as salary, marriage, girlfriend and so forth. It seemed unpleasant for Todd to answer these questions. Later on when the hostess did the laundry for him Todd can’t just understand it either. In the meantime, Todd’s subordinate considered it impossible when he heard the American family view.

·As for power distance, America has a low PDI of 40 while India has 77. American is decentralized and has flatter organization structures. By contrast, India has a clear hierarchy and tends to be centralized. Most of Indian marriages are decided by their parents like Asha. Such a structure encourages and promotes inequality between people at different levels. We can see the subordinates’ tremendous respect for their superior as well. Their salutation toward Todd is quite formal like “Mr. Todd”。 In terms of American, they don’t pay much attention to the difference of etiquette, rank, gender and age; instead they are quite equal when communicate with others.

·This movie also gives an example for us to use as a reference when we enter into another culture. Like the American passerby said: “You need to give in and going to accept it.” There is indeed cultural difference, if you want to fit in you must put yourself into that environment and learn about their culture. Todd took part in their local festival, ate Indian food and followed Indian customs. He finally won his subordinates’ trust and was doing his training work better and better.

·In the perspective of management, Todd also performed very well. Apart from integrating to that group, he listened others’ suggestions and tried to create a relaxed working atmosphere; he used the sales competition to motivate people; he interacted with subordinates properly so as to train them effectively; he is also decisive and capable to handle the crisis successfully. These are the characters that a good manager should have.

· This film reflects a phenomenon which still needs to be improved. In the modern world, most companies send employees overseas without any preparation. So I believe that in order to prepare employees for cross-cultural assignments, companies need to provide cross-cultural training as well. The expatriates need to be not only competent in their areas of expertise, but also able to interact with others both verbally and nonverbally (India and USA speak different English), be sensitive to the cultural differences and able to enjoy the challenge. Only by doing this, can expatriates succeed overseas smoothly. The lack of such a training procedure may lead to a tragedy like Todd initially met.

Outsourced figures out that cross cultural differences lies everywhere. It is a complicated issue but we ought to remember: keep your own culture and get adapt to another culture with respect will always be the best way to achieve a win-win situation.

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