Why Should We Learn English?


    Today  more people speak English as their first  second or a foreign language than even before 。 But why should we learn English 

    First of all  world trade is done in English  and international organizations ゞsuch as the UN〃 use English 。

    Secondly  we need to contact with the developed Western countries to build our country  and many developing countries also use English in their dealings 。 

    Thirdly most businessmen do not have time to learn new languages every time they enter a new international market 。

    Finally  English is widely used thronghout the world 。 we can get very important information that is in English 。 It is the key to learning and communication 。 

    In order to access more knowledge of the world and communicate better with people abroad  we must have a good command of English 。 We must do our best to learn English well 。 
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