Zhou Enlai

  Zhou Enlai was born in huai'an , Jiangsu , on March 5th , 1898 . In 1917 , he finished school in Nankai Middle School , and then went to France to learn Marxist theory . In 1922 , he joined the Chinese Communist Party . After that , he was active in his work and divected the Party work in Shanghai .
  He led the famous uprising-Nanchang Uprising on August 1st , 1927 . Then he took party in the Long March . Form 1937 to 1945 , he worked in South China .
  After the People's Republic of China was founded , he was elected Premier of China . He put all his heart into the work and always worked until midnight . He had no time to think about himself , but only the Chinese people .
  Premier Zhou died on January 8th , 1976 . The whole nation was in deep sorrow at his death for he was loved by all the people . Our beloved Premier Zhou was a great Marxist and communist , and he will always be alive in our Chinese people's hearts .
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