Buying a Watermelon

This hot afternoon, my grandpa brought me to the shop to buy a watermelon.
  Working at the Airport
  Every day millions of people travel by airplane to city to city.
  《Airport Fact: A big city airport may have its own police and fire
  At the airports and on the Airplanes, many other people work to make
  flying safe.
  The sky cap checks tickets and takes bags. She asks a few questions
  and tells the passengers where to find their plane.
  Swooping down, the sky cap puts a sticker on each bag. The sticker
  tells what plane the bag is to go on. Then the sky cap puts the bags on a
  moving belt. The bags will be loaded onto the planes.
  Passengers flock into the terminal. It is a big building with lots
  of signs! The terminal has restaurants, shops, and offices. At some airports,
  there is even a place for children to play.
  《Airport Fact: About 16,000 people work at Logan Airport in Boston,
  Many people share the work inside the building. Some people clean.
  Others cook and serve food. Lots of people work in shops.
  Many people work to keep passengers safe. They carefully check bags
  to make sure that nothing unsafe goes on a plane.
  Even the bags that are taken by tick agents may be x-rayed.
  《Airport Fact: There are more than 80 gates at Logan Airport.》
  Every flight has a gate number. Passengers look for the correct gate
  for their plane.
  At the gate, passengers show their tickets and picture
  identification to another worker. Then they can get on the plane.
  A passenger’s ticket has a seat number that is printed on it.
  Almost all planes have both a pilot and a co-pilot. These are the
  two people who will fly the plane.
  While passengers are getting onto the plane, other workers are busy.
  They put the bags on the plane. Some put fuel into the tanks. Some check the
  working parts of the plane.
  The flight attendants give information about safety on the plane. It
  is their job to make sure that everyone has a safe flight.
  《Airport Fact: Logan Airport has five runways.》
  This plane has rolled down the runway and soared up into the air. As
  it glides over Boston Harbor, passengers leave behind a very busy airport.
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