The Last Day of School in Grade 2

My last day of second grade was quite well.
  My last day of second grade was quite well. We don’t have lessons on the last day of Grade 2, our teachers summarize for us. When I got there, I sit in my seat. Our class teacher, Miss Xu said, “This final test, there’s only one person in this class who got 100 points at Chinese, and that is Yang Enqi.”
  We all looked at Yang Enqi, my heart sank a little, because I wish I was the one who got 100 points. Miss Xu continues: “And this time I get all your Chinese, Math, and English points all together. I will read who the front ten students are and how many points they got. OK, here goes: The first one is…”
  We all open our eyes big when we heard that, I can almost hear that the other classmates are saying in their heart: “Let it be me! Let it be me!” But there’s only one first one. Miss Xu read, “The first one is Hanzhi 《Jenny》。 Her points are two hundreds and ninety-seven!”
  The other classmates all looked at me with envious. I just smiled a little smile and keep listening to the teacher. From my expression, it seems that I was calm. But the fireworks of joy are already exploding in my heart.
  After that, the Miss Xu gave us some stationery for the prizes and I got quite many, I’ve got a folded ruler, a notebook, two pencils, a pencil-sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, and a pretty little wallet. I thought, “If I bring them home, my parents must be very happy.”
  When the test paper got down, I saw that I’ve all got 99 points on Chinese, Math, and English. Miss Xu gave our own report and Growth Autograph Album down, too.
  The last day of Grade 2 is over. After I leave the school, I can’ t help looked back again at our school gate. Goodbye! My life in Grade 2. Goodbye! My school. When fall comes, I will come back to school again and go to Grade 3. And I’m going to get better grades in Grade 3!
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