A Earthquake Of Ya'an

    Strange things were happening in Ya'an 。 For several days  the chickens and even the pigs were too nevers to eat in the farmyards 。 Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide  but they can not 。 Fish jumped out of their bowls and ponds 。 But many people of Ya'an  who thought little of this events  were do their things as usual 。
    It was on April 20 , 2013  that everything began to shake 。 It seemed as if the world was at an end  A huge crack cut across houses  roads and canals 。 Then the houses fell down and the electricity was cut off 。 A large city lay in rains 。 How a big earthquake it is 
    The suffering of the people was extreme 。 The number of people who were killed reached more than 188  a lot of people who were injured reached more than 11393  and about 71 person were missing 。 But how could the survivors believe it was natural 拭Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed 。 Bricks covered the ground like red autumn leaves 。 No wind  however  could blow them away 。 The big earthquake caused great damage 。 All people of the country felt sorrow 。
     All hope was not lost 。 Soon after the earthquake  many people of the country raised money for survivors 。 Fresh water and food was taken to the city by train  truch and plane 。 Workers built shelters for survivors whose homes had been destroyed 。 Slowly  the city began to breathe again 。

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