Doesn't Want to Go to School

It’s the second month of school, Lulu didn’t want to go to school.
  It’s the second month of school, Lulu didn’t want to go to school.
  In the evening, Mom told Dad, “Malo has a fever, he can’t go to the nursery tomorrow, and I can’t go to work tomorrow, too. I will have to take care of Malo.”
  Lulu heard what Mom was saying. She thought, “I can’t go to school tomorrow, too. I have to take care of my babies.”
  The next morning, Mom shouted, “Lulu!” But there’s no answer.
  Mom look under her quilt, but it was empty. She went to the living-room and saw that Lulu had made a tent by using an umbrella, a chair, and a sheet, and Lulu was busy cutting out a wall, plant trees and flowers using building blocks.
  “Oh, my!” Mom said. “What are you doing here?”
  “Shush!” said Lulu, putting her index finger in front of her lips. “My babies are ill, they are sleeping. Don’t wake them up. Oh, right, you said that my little brother Malo is ill and he can’t go to the nursery, you won’t go to work because you’re going to take care of Malo, I have to take care of my babies, too.”
  Mom giggled, “Don’t be silly, they are just toys, how can they be ill? You will have to walk to school in 10 minutes.
  “Lulu, quickly drink your milk and put on your coat,” Dad said.
  Mom said, “Lulu, be quick and get to school.”
  “I don’t want to go to school!” shouted Lulu.
  “Listen, you don’t have any reasons not going to school, you can play with your toys when you come back. I won’t take your tent apart. When you come home, it will still be here.”
  On the way to school, Lulu cried. Dad asked, “Why are you crying, Lulu? Didn’t you always like going to school?”
  Lulu didn’t answer.
  “Did you have a quarrel with your best friend Anna?”
  “Nope, I have a lot of things to do at home.”
  “Did you envy that Malo and Mom are staying at home?”
  Lulu cried even louder when she heard this.
  Lulu met Anna and her dad standing at the school door.
  “Why did your eyes turned red?” Anna asked.
  “Lulu builds a tent in the living room and she wanted to plant some flowers,” said Dad.
  “Come here, Lulu. We can plant flowers in the school,” said Anna.
  “But there’s no soil here,” said Lulu
  Anna’s expression looked very mysterious. “Lulu, come here, if I say that we can plant flowers, then we can.” Anna said.
  Anna pulled Lulu on to the playground.
  Anna took out some colored chalk from her bag and gave it to Lulu.
  Anna drew a chrysanthemum on the ground. Lulu drew a tulip on the ground, too. They also drew strawberries, pears, bananas and sunflowers.
  “This garden is so beautiful,” said Lulu. “Before I go home, I’m going to pick a flower for my mom and some fruits for my babies.”
  “Don’t be silly! They aren’t real, Lulu!” said Anna.
  They both laughed.
  P.S. This is a story that I had heard when I'm six years old, I wrote it down. I translate it into English today.
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