My hobbies

I have a round face, a small nose,and two big eyes.
          My     hobbies
  Hello, everyone! My name is Deng yang. I am a boy . I am thirteen years old . I have a round face , a small nose ,and two big eyes .I am strong and healthy. Every day I go for a walk with my parents after supper . I am an active boy ,too .Because I like to make friends and talk with my good friends usually .
  I like to play tennis very much. I often play tennis with my friends together. Because it is very interesting . My favourite hobby is singing ,which can make me happy. So, I sing every day.
  I study hard to sing in my life , because I want to be a singer in the future. This is my great dream. I hope it will be come true one day .What is your hobbies ?
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