Teacher Amii’s Introduction

Emperor penguins live only in Antarctica. They are strange birds because they cannot fly.
  Teacher Amii’s Introduction
  Hi, my name is Amii. I’m from Canada. And English is my first
  language. I have two years experience for teaching children whoever between
  four to eight years old.--- And come from very 
  background. I really enjoy working with children. In class, I’ve been
  able to teach songs, videos, pictures, story cards, coloring, and even sign
  language, all to help my students learn, listen and speak English.
  I had learned Spanish for a second language. Well, living in a
  foreign country, I understand how difficult, and even frustrating to learn a
  new language. However, I see the many benefits.
  Learning English open many opportunity in the future. For both
  children and adults who put forfeit to do so. For information, you can go
  to ero.com So thank you from Amii at Learn English
  Online School. It’s really a great place to
  learn and improve English. No matter what age you are.
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