Chinese Spring festival

   Chinese Spring Festival celebrates the end of winter and the warmth of spring . It begins on the last day of the lunar year , ends in the 15th day of lunar new year , and is also the Lantern Festival .
  Several days before the new year , people begin to prepare . Farmers kill pigs , sheep , cocks and hens . City dwellers buy meat , fish and vegetables . Houses are cleaned .
  During the Spring Festival people use red lantern and couplets to decorate a house . They put on all kinds of colored colthes . Most people often visit friends and relatives of together , and eat dumplings , fish , meat and other delicious food .
  The children are looking forward to receiving red envelope money , so am I . I often play with my friends and set off fireworks . There are dragon and lion dances and some other carnival activities . I like watching these shows very much .
  The Spring Festival is the beginning of the new year and happy beginning .
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