I Like My Name"Hanzhi"

My Chinese name is called“Hanzhi”, I like my name very much.
My Chinese name is called “Hanzhi”, I like my name very much.
What does “Hanzhi” means? It means “holding the lucid ganoderma in
the mouth.”
My name comes from an ancient Chinese legend. I will tell a part of
the story.
Once upon a time, there was a fairy called Bai Niangzi. She came to
the human world from heaven. And marry with someone she loves. His name is Xu
One day, Xu Xian had serious disease and fainted. Bai Niangzi is
very worried. She asked the doctor for help. But the doctor said, “There’s no
way to cure his illness. I’m afraid that he will die.” Bai Niangzi felt very
sad, and went up to heaven to ask the immortal for help. The immortal said, “There’s
a kind of mesona called lucid ganoderma. It can save Xu Xian. But it grown on the
Kunlun Mountain far away, it’s very tall and very dangerous to get the lucid
Bai Niangzi ran to Kunlun Mountain. She passed through many
difficulties. And find the lucid ganoderma on the top of the mountain.
When she’s just going to pick the lucid ganoderma, two monsters
holding long spears, and stab it at her. Bai Niangzi went in a panic. She
quickly held the lucid ganoderma in her mouth and take out her two swords to
protect herself. She nearly died but she did not put down the lucid ganoderma.
Bai Niangzi finally saved Xu Xian.
There is the same story in Chinese Opera. The actress who acted Bai
Niangzi, holding the lucid ganoderma with her mouth, and fighting with the
monsters’ modeling is very beautiful. So, my parents gave me this name “Hanzhi.”
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